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Serious about selling your MHP? Or simply curious about how it matches up in today’s market? Understanding the value of your park is a critical next step.

Property Management

With over a decade of  property management experience, the Mcanuff Group will take the worry and stress out of property management.

Every mobile home park real estate portfolio began with a dream.

Bridging the gap
between buyers and sellers
who share the same passion.

At McAnuff Group we specialize in providing professional a la carte brokerage services giving freedom of choice for all levels of investors, owners, and depth of needs.

Three decades of combined commercial real estate expertise

Large firm resources with customized boutique customer service

McAnuff Model balanced valuation report is always free!

Cost-effective alternative to traditional real estate companies

We Start With A Conversation

Each valuation starts with a casual but frank discussion about where things stand today. We’ll cover everything from pricing expectations to operating procedures and recent improvements. Remember: There are no wrong answers.

We Crunch Your Numbers

Next, Stephanie analyzes your books, recorded income and expenses, rents roll, and more in order to perform the valuation. The more information you can provide, the more thorough and accurate your valuation will be.

We Evaluate From A Buyer’s Perspective

Stephanie gets feedback from real buyers in your market, contact local contractors to estimate management and operating costs, review property photos, and more as we look for data that will support or challenge your pricing.

We Look Toward The Future

Finally, Stephanie looks at the pro forma and concentrates on what a new owner could do to maximize value. This includes running forecasts on future occupancy and income numbers and looking for undiscovered opportunities to add value.

The McAnuff Group Mission

Our company mission is to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional real estate companies. Our goal is to deliver the marketing, service and results that you would expect from a traditional Real Estate Agent for a lot less money.

 Buying and selling a property is a huge undertaking. That is why we designed our entire business to make the real estate process seamless, affordable and successful.

 We offer a la cart broker service, which are not limited. Instead freedom of choice is expanded to allow sellers to pick from a menu of services.

Financial Reporting
Our financial management and reporting is monthly and includes in-depth accounting statements, rent rolls, and expenses.
Do you have a need for:
  • Timely, accurate and comprehensive financial reporting?
  • A detailed explanation of the financial health of your community?
  • Special reporting needs for partners or lenders that require more than the typical monthly reports?
  • Solving challenging collections and resident rent delinquencies?
  • Management of property, vendor, and contractor expenses?
Tenant Relations
We provide the ideal balance between no-nonsense rule enforcement and rent collection simultaneously with positive and personally interactive tenant relations.

Does your current management:

  • Experience tension between the residents or with ownership?
  • Have difficulty enforcing rules and regulations in the community?
  • Understand and have a working knowledge of state and local landlord-tenant laws and statutes?
  • Regularly survey residents on their satisfaction with park life and act on results to increase retention and community loyalty?
  • Know how to fill vacancies with paying qualified tenants?
Maintenance Oversight

Ensuring that both routine and unexpected maintenance is handled efficiently and effectively is the key to a well-run, profitable community. 

Does your current maintenance plan:

  • Provide scheduled tasks in advance or are things left to the last minute and the final straw?
  • ​Adequately account for the proper operational reserves and capital improvements?
  • ​Leave little time for soliciting bids for operational and capital improvements from well-qualified contractors & vendors?
  • ​Create more headaches than solutions resulting in piled-up problems that could affect your community and profits?
  • ​Require management to complete thorough property inspections to ensure the infrastructure is maintained to optimum standards?
Sales & Marketing

As a licensed real estate broker in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, The McAnuff Group has the tools and resources to give you the right exposure and fill vacancies.

Do you have the creative & business resources to:

  • Promote your property to the right target audience quickly and effectively using technology?
  • Understand what is important to your desired target future tenants and communicate that effectively using multiple platforms?
  • Fill empty lots with cost-effective homes that will attract long-term rent-to-own tenants who can afford to be there?
  • Set aside the time required to finally sell off the park-owned homes you currently have to tenants?
  • Develop an attractive and professional website and social media pages to promote your property and keep vacancies to a minimum?
Training & HR Solutions

Our expertise in the intricacies and demands of mobile home park operation can be taught to your staff in their relevant positions and in smarter recruiting and hiring of candidates.

Does your property already have a management team, but:

  • Your long-time or new manager is struggling with time management, enforcing property rules, financial reporting, and/or daily operations but you don’t have time to train them yourself?
  • Your leasing staff is too slow and ineffective in filling vacancies and needs sales and closing training from a sales expert?
  • You need someone to handle all of your recruiting (advertising and interviewing) and hiring needs, including background screening, drug testing, administering skills assessments, and calling references in an effort to hire top quality candidates?
  • The staff needs to report to someone in your place so you can free up your schedule to pursue other things, such as more investment acquisitions, another business, or retirement?
Administrative Solutions

Great administration is the most lacking essential of mobile home park ownership and management. We conduct regular reviews of contracts and leases and systematize your files. 

Do you need administrative solutions for:

  • Transitioning from an outdated pen, paper, and notebook recording system to a digital, automated, and searchable administrative and filing system?
  • Preparing for an eventual sale but your records are disorganized and unacceptable to today’s investors and lenders?
  • ​Conducting regular reviews of contracts, insurance, and reserve requirements?
  • ​Generating financial statements, income statements, expense reports, and rent rolls quickly, conveniently, and accurately?
  • ​Having a gate-keeper for fielding calls and inquiries about the property so that you can focus on other things?

About Stephanie

A pioneer during the nationwide economic and real estate crash of 2008 at a time when lenders were unprepared to handle record-setting numbers of “short-sales”, Stephanie McAnuff made a name for herself in the area of residential distressed debt workouts and negotiation as a Certified Short Sale Specialist. 

Her unique experience and expertise led her to becoming an Associate with Marcus & Millichap and forming The McAnuff Group with an emphasis on growing recession-resistent client real estate portfolios with mobile home parks and storage.

In 2017 McAnuff Group partnered with IDI Properties and continues to specialize in mobile home park brokerage and property management.

Our team has nearly three decades of combined commercial real estate expertise.

The McAnuff Group mobile home park and storage commercial real estate portfolio growth services are unique in that we view both buyers and sellers specific and different requirements, wants, and needs as equally important in every transaction. We don’t force buyers to think like sellers and we don’t force sellers to think like buyers. Where other brokers see clients as a means to an end, we see you as a partner for the life of your investing career.

We can provide large firm resources with customized boutique customer service. In addition, our proprietary McAnuff Model balanced valuation report is always free, and we encourage you to take full advantage of it. We look forward to servicing your portfolio growth requirements.

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